Barry Cunliffe

Anyone familiar with the work of respected British archaeologist and author Barry Cunliffe will be familiar with his theory of a historic unifying Atlantic Cultural zone.

If unfamiliar with his books, it is highly recommended to start by reading his 2001 book ‘Facing The Ocean: The Atlantic and Its Peoples 8000 BC-AD 1500’ and discover how he uses archaeological evidence to demonstrate how this culture evolved in situ over a very long period of time, transcending labels such as ‘Celts’, ‘Europeans’, ‘Gaul’, ‘Briton’ and ‘Scandinavian’ etc. He expands and refines the observations in subsequent publications.

Atlantic European (what I call ‘Atlantean’) Culture is a regional culture which, although it evolved from the Mesolithic, through the Neolithic, Bronze Age and Iron Age periods, kept in touch with its roots in the landscape which ultimately formed and informed it: the Atlantic seaboard of Europe.

NOTE: I hope soon (late 2014) to be posting a review of Barry Cunliffe and John T. Koch’s ‘Celtic From the West’ – watch this space…

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