‘The Atlantic Religion’ is a blog dealing with the history, culture and philosophies of indigenous paganism in Europe’s Atlantic, Mediterranean and Eurasian provinces. The cultural identifier of ‘Celtic’ has modern as well as ancient ethno-linguistic connotations which place unnecessary limitations upon the history and geographic extent of a philosophical/belief-system which once was once common across the entirety of historic and pre-historic northern Europe.

This common ideological system I shall be discussing actually has roots extending back way before the arrival of so-called Iron Age ‘Celtic’ cultures in western Europe – instead it probably emerges during the European Neolithic and Bronze Age archaeological periods when evidence of widespread organised religion begins to appear. The use of ‘Atlantic’ consciously separates the subject from the ‘oriental’ influences upon Europe’s ancient eastern Mediterranean religions.

I have tried to apply the academic disciplines of history, archaeology, palaeontology, literature, anthropology, philology and linguistics in order to construct a rational, heartfelt and wide-reaching assessment of source materials so as to attempt to recover this ancient supra-regional spiritual system – the prisca theologia of European paganism.


It is therefore nothing to do with ‘neo-pagan’ religions such as ‘Wicca’, ‘Druidry’, ‘Witchcraft’, ‘Asatru’, ‘Heathenism’, ‘New Age’, ‘Eclecticism’, ‘Polytheism’ etc, although it may be of interest to anyone with a background in these philosophies. This is definitely about paleo-paganism! It is my opinion that many modern pagan religions are simply politicised ‘thought-systems’ introduced by dubious internationalist philosophies largely opposed to traditional European cultures.

Furthermore, this website and its author has no relationship whatsoever with, and is wilfully resistant to extremist, revisionist or internationalist left or right-wing ideologies. It’s politics are its own: the politics of how environment and nature shape tribal spiritual identity.

The work is an on-going project, and individual entries/posts/essays are periodically updated and refined. The more I write, the more I increase the scope of what I am examining…

All rights – intellectual and pecuniary – to original written content , original ideas and original images are reserved by the author:

(c) Copyright, 2013/2014/2015 the author-owner of The Atlantic Religion blog.

Please contact me if you wish any borrowed images to be removed or properly credited (apologies in advance if I have offended!), or if you would like to seek permission to use any of my own text or images.


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello,
    Fascinating site, I’m glad I found it. I’d likae to quote it for a paper I am writing, but also would be interested in your own academic credentials. Could you share those please?

  2. I just stumbled across this site while doing research for my own, and I don’t know if anyone has ever told you this, but your content is EXACTLY what I have been looking for, and it will serve as an invaluable resource to my own work going forward. I am new to blogging in general, but I have been studying macro history, world religion, philosophy, and the phenomena of worldwide occult/astrological influence since I was in elementary school as an arm chair interest. I wanted to create an internet platform as a means of sharing holistic research tactics and using academia to discredit “conspiracy theory”. If you have any tips or want to collaborate at any point in time I would love that. Thank you for existing!!!

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